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Planning a Successful Website

Our free 4-part email course will help you plan your website project the right way while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

We have over 15 years experience in building websites. The #1 mistake we see clients make is lack of planning. This can lead to your project failing for several reasons. For example:

You make assumptions.
Assumptions can cause blown budgets, missed deadlines and resentment between you and your vendor. Not a good way to build a relationship.
You have a poorly defined scope of work.
Without a very clear scope of work, you and your vendor will have a different understanding of what’s included, what’s not included, and who is responsible for what. This is a recipe for disaster.
You miss the mark with your audience.
Without first understanding your users and their needs, you’re likely to build something that doesn’t reach your market.
You don't know what success looks like.
Would you train for months to run a marathon if the race didn’t have a finish line? Exactly. Unless you clearly define your goals and how you'll measure them, it's impossible to know if your project was a success, a failure, or somewhere in between.

There's A Better Way

Planning a successful website project isn't as hard as you think. The framework found in this free email course will help you create a meaningful project plan. By the end you’ll be much closer to launching a successful website that will tell your story, generate value for your business and represent you appropriately in the marketplace.

Lesson 1: Where are you now?
Explore—and uncover—problems that you and your customers are currently facing.
Lesson 2: Where do you want to be?
Prioritize your project goals and identify how those match your customer's needs.
Lesson 3: How will you get there?
Determine the logistics, resources, and scope of work required for your journey.
Lesson 4: Next Steps
Use your plan to start discussions and relationships with potential vendors.

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