Discovery Workshop

Plan your website project for success and avoid costly mistakes.

Whiteboard planning process for website redesign.

What's a Discovery Workshop?

A website redesign can be an overwhelming undertaking. A Discovery Workshop can help eliminate guesswork and risk from the process.

You know where you are now, and you have an idea of where you want to be. But how do you get there?

A Discovery Workshop is a comprehensive dive into your business, the problems you face, and the unique risks and challenges of your project.

When it's done you will have a clear plan on how to solve your problems as quickly, economically, and reliably as possible.

Step 1: Where are you now?

We start with an honest, expert teardown of your current website to explore (and uncover) problems that your website is causing for you and your customers.

Step 2: Where do you want to be?

Next, we look at what tomorrow could look like if we fixed those problems. We clearly identify the positive impact that a successful project could deliver.

Step 3: How will you get there?

Once we understand your problems and what success looks like, we can determine the best way to solve them.

Step 4: Project Roadmap

For the last step, we deliver a clear Project Roadmap that details how to reach your goals as quickly, economically, and reliably as possible. This document includes details like pricing, timeline, and scope of work.

What's the investment?

What's the cost of a failed project? Save yourself from a failed project—plan for success right from the start.

The Discovery Workshop is $1,500. This fee is then credited towards your total project cost, making it a great idea and a smart investment.

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